Hansen reveals close bond with opposite number Jones

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has revealed his close relationship with England opposite number Eddie Jones and says the pair speak “probably every second week”.
England will face New Zealand for the first time in four years at Twickenham on Saturday, with Hansen dismissing suggestions Jones is under severe pressure in his head coach role. Hansen gave Jones praise for the 18 game unbeaten run that was then followed by a run of five losses in six tests before England won 12-11 against South Africa.
Hansen also made it clear anyone not a head coach of an international team will have no idea of the pressure the job entails and said: “Talking to Eddie, I know he and England are very excited about this game, and we are too. We usually talk either by text or by phone, probably every second week.
“It’s always good to have other people who are doing a similar role to yourself to be able to talk to. First and foremost you’ve got to have some form of relationship that allows you to get on with each other.
“You don’t ring people up you don’t like, just because they are doing the same job as you. So it probably indicates I like him and he might like me; I don’t know. The bottom line is we talk, our wives talk, and that’s not surprising. I think he’s a good bloke. The only people that don’t understand what it’s like to be a head coach of an international team are the people who’ve never been one.
“There’s a lot of pressure there, all the time, whether you’re winning or losing. People who get excited by it are the people that have to write the stories, and sell the newspapers. The bottom line is he’ll be going about doing his job like he always does and looking from afar, I think he’s doing a pretty good job.
“Winning doesn’t make it any less pressure, it just comes in a different package and the expectations when you coach a top side like England are, you’re expected to win, and play well. Eddie more than anybody understands that. So he’s not too bothered by it.”